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July 4, 2023

Jon Bon Jovi, Jesse, & Gerard in London at the Hard Rock Cafe

Jon Bon Jovi conquers the European market with the award-winning rosé wine "Hampton Water"

From rock star to winemaker:

The legendary Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi and the famous winemaker Gérard Bertrand bring the award-winning rosé wine "Hampton Water" to Europe.

Jon Bon Jovi, frontman of the world famous band Bon Jovi, is now successfully establishing himself as co-publisher of Wein. Together with Jesse Bongiovi and French winemaker Gérard Bertrand, he created the award-winning Hampton Water rosé wine, which is already available in the United States and other key markets around the world.

Now the wine should enter the European market. In addition, the manufacturers presented their fine wines in Hamburg.

Jon Bon Jovi is an international rock icon with an impressive career. He made a name for himself with over 130 million albums sold and over 2,900 concerts in over 50 countries.

Alongside his accomplishments in the music industry, he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2009 and inducted with his band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. But the rock star has other talents.

Since 2018, he has devoted himself to wine creation with his son Jesse Bongiovi and Gérard Bertrand. Their award-winning rosé wine "Hampton Water" has been rated over 90 points by the American wine magazine "Wine Spectator" for several consecutive years.

One million bottles have already been sold by 2022. Now the trio continues to expand and bring "Hampton Water" in Europe. They recently stopped in Hamburg to celebrate the official launch of the wine in Germany. With its pale pink color and its notes of red fruits, citrus fruits and spices, "Hampton Water" wants to conquer European palates. The wine is available in four sizes and has an RRP of at least 10.99 euros.

Interested customers can order the rosé wine online at There you will find further information and can order yourself
the exquisite taste of "
Hampton Water".

Jon Bon Jovi has proven that he can not only succeed as a rock star, but also break into the world of wine. With his talent and commitment, together with his son and Gérard Bertrand, he has created an exceptional rosé wine which has already received international recognition.

July 4, 2023

Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi, and acclaimed winemaker Gérard Bertrand came to London to share their vision for Hampton Water rosé as a “global brand”

The event, on the appropriately American 4 July, saw the three minds behind Hampton Water assemble at Savage Garden Rooftop Bar, having been in Germany the day before, to celebrate the sixth vintage of the rosé, 2022.

The torrential rain was a far cry from the sunny conditions one might normally associate with rosé, and prompted the Livin’ on a Prayer singer to jokingly comment on the “inclement weather, or as London sees it, a beautiful day".

Switching from discussing the weather to wine, Bon Jovi said: “The success in America has given us a footprint in Europe…six years in, and it’s not about hype, it’s critical acclaim."

Hampton Water recently gained a coveted Gold medal at the Global Rosé Masters 2023 .

"It’s very early on for us in France," Jon Bon Jovi shared.. "Our distribution has grown dramatically, but we’re not where we want to be yet."

Bertrand, who was named as the drinks business‘ Master Winemaker of the Year, has been involved in the project since 2017. The former France rugby union international shared his belief that rosé from Languedoc can compete with that of Provence, and revealed his desire to see Hampton Water make further headway in the UK. Knowing the culinary tastes of the British public, he suggested that the wine would be “a perfect pairing” with curry.

Arriving this side of the pond in 2019, the rosé has been sold at Majestic since early 2022. The wine retailer notes that sales of the beverage rose by 50% during the first quarter of the 2023/24 financial year. Hampton Water is also available at Asda supermarkets.

Further afield, a spokesperson for the Hilton also disclosed that there were plans to serve Hampton Water at its hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

As for if there are plans to branch out into reds and/or whites, the answer, for now, is no. Jon Bon Jovi explained that the brand is being «astucieuse» by keeping the focus on rosé, or « jus rose » as he referred to it : « It [rosé] was this best kept secret that I’ve known about for 30 plus years.

Commenting on the state of the category, Bongiovi said : "Rosé got incredibly hot eight to 10 years ago, and now we’re seeing a condensing…the cream is rising to the top."

Bon Jovi concurred, and pointed out that Hampton Water competitors are “at least a decade in front”, and stated : "…we’re here to work hard.".

Although he pointed out that Hampton Water is now served at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, Bongiovi also described the wine as a "cheeky daytime drink".

After the press conference, the trio then attended a party to celebrate the brand’s growth this side of the Atlantic.

During his speech to the assembled partygoers, Bon Jovi quipped that Hampton Water was "the story of a dad offering alcohol to his underage child", a reference to the brand’s origins in the Hamptons, Long Island, where he would give his son a taste of rosé.

"Of course, a dad is proud of a son doing his thing", he continued. "But none of this celebration could take place unless we had great juice in the bottle."

Earlier in the day, Jon Bon Jovi, Jesse Bongiovi and Gerard Bertrand also visited a Majestic Wine shop in St. John’s Wood, due to the retailer stocking Hampton Water. In addition to hosting a tasting while there, Bon Jovi signed a guitar which will be won by one Majestic Jon Bon Jovi signed a guitar which will be won by one


July 3, 2023

Jon Bon Jovi, Jesse, & Gerard in Hamburg promoting Hampton Water

A featured winemaker with Jon Bon Jovi on a European wine tour

Hampton Water is an exceptional rosé wine created by star winemaker Gérard Bertrand and Jon Bon Jovi and Jesse Bongiovi. We were at the performance in Hamburg.

The “Hampton Water” rosé wine project was born from an encounter between rock icon Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi and star winemaker Gérard Bertrand. Father Jon and son Jesse have long had a desire to create a bright, fresh and aromatically balanced rosé that embodies the flair of summer, sun, beach and a laid-back lifestyle. As they reported at the last press presentation at the Hamburg Hanse Lounge, one evening in the Hamptons (north of New York) when Jesse was still an active football player, they toasted with a rosé and developed the idea of a company to produce their own high-quality rosé wine. A mutual friend to whom they spoke about it then introduced them to Gérard Bertrand and the duo became a trio.

The best of both worlds


From then on, they had the ideal ally in Bertrand, who had the expertise and international reputation to make their project a reality. With him, they shared the common vision of a unique rosé that perfectly blends laid-back Hamptons and southern French savoir-vivre. The result is a harmonious cuvée made from Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Syrah grapes. The elegant, fresh and intense rosé wine in light salmon pink is ideal as a "sunset", aperitif or as an accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes such as salads, grilled fish and seafood. "We had already tried rosés from everywhere", explains Jesse Bongiovi. "But when we visited Gérard Bertrand in the south of France, we realized we had arrived."

According to Jesse, the idea of naming their rosé "Hampton Water" came about as a joke. On trips to the Hamptons with friends, they usually drank a lot more rose wine than water..."It didn't matter what we had in the glass, we called it 'Hampton Water' and that's how the name came about," he added. remember. “We wanted to create a brand that is also accessible to a younger audience and at the same time of the highest quality. We also wanted to create a memorable image on the bottle label, so the bather elegantly dipping into blue water against the setting sun became our trademark and ambassador for our slogan “Diving into Hampton Water”!

Spirit Brothers

Outstanding figures in their respective fields, Jon Bon Jovi and Gérard Bertrand have a lot in common. “We found that we share the same love for our families, good food, friends and of course good wine and music,” said Jon Bon Jovi. And Gérard Bertrand, who for twenty years has organized an annual jazz festival at his main estate, Château l'Hospitalet near Narbonne, adds: “For me, the link between wine and music is organic. Together with Jon and Jesse, I wanted to create a harmonious and classy rosé that would mark people's hearts like a song." Speaking of music: When asked which song from his father went best with rosé wine, Jesse replied: "Of course Bed of roses!”

Hampton Water was first launched in 2018 in the United States, followed by major markets around the world. It received awards from the first vintage and was rated over 90 points by the wine magazine "Wine Spectator" for five consecutive years. To date, "Hampton Water" has received great recognition from professionals and consumers alike in a large number of competitions and blind tastings: in 2022, the symbolic bar of one million bottles sold has been crossed. In order to further increase the global awareness of the brand, "Hampton Water" is expanding its commercial activities in Europe, among others through a partnership with the Hard Rock Cafés, where it is on the drinks menu in 24 branches of the group. In Germany, sales are in the experienced hands of Hamburg-based Hawesko Holding and are available in various formats from mail order companies and Jacques Wein agencies. 

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July 3, 2023

Jon Bon Jovi in London England for the Hampton Water launch release

Celebrity visit to Sylt: 

The Bon Jovi singer paid a visit to the North Sea island. His destination was a well-known restaurant in the dunes of Rantum.

Visiting celebrities is the order of the day on Germany's most popular holiday island, but this guest was truly something special: Rock star Jon Bon Jovi took a side trip to Sylt on Wednesday night. With the private jet we flew from Hamburg to the North Sea island on Wednesday afternoon. The reason: Together with his eldest son Jesse Bongiovi, he promoted his "Hampton Water" wine.

The rosé was created in 2018 with the famous French winemaker Gérard Bertrand and is grown in France. According to the newspaper "Bild", it is already a hit in the USA, more than a million bottles were sold there last year. The wine has more than 160,000 fans and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now it should apparently also take off in Europe.

Sylt : Bon Jovi en visite dans le « Sansibar »

For this, Bon Jovi, his son and the winemaker Bertrand, who had traveled with them, chose the "Sansibar" in the dunes of Rantum. The restaurant is considered the wine hotspot on the island. The boss of "Sansibar", Herbert Seckler, stores a total of 3,000 bottles of 1,900 different varieties in the cellar under his restaurant. The most expensive bottle of red wine, "Diamond Creek" (from 1997, five liters), would cost 20,000 euros, according to "Bild".

It's no wonder Seckler was happy about the American's visit. "I'm impressed to have such a world star as a guest. It's his first time at 'Sansibar' and he's happy to be on Sylt," said the famous 'Bild' host.

From Hamburg to Sylt and London

And how does the noble drop taste with the delicate pink color? According to the product description of the wine, it has notes of red fruits, citrus fruits and spices. It contains Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvèdre and Syrah grapes.

BBon Jovi himself recently told the “ ” portal about his wine: “Wine and music have two incredible things in common. On the one hand, both are the result of a collaboration. When we worked with Gerard, we all had a hand in creating the wine and everyone had their own idea of what "Hampton Water" tasted like..

Four years ago, Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi stood by a rooftop pool in Dallas, Texas. Surrounded by the "who's who" of influencers, professional athletes and people in the wine industry, the duo launched a fun new rosé called "Hampton Water" with Gérard Bertrand, the famous French winemaker from the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

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