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This site was made particularly, on the life of JON BON JOVI, this talented singer of the group BON JOVI. This site designed especially with the aim of knowing more about JON, who is not only a singer, but much more! You will be able to browse all of Jon's official sites in ONE.

His life story (biography), personality, family, political supporters, projects, Soul Foundation, Soul Kitchen, all events will be in NEWS, Hampton Water with his son Jesse Bongiovi and of course... Bon Jovi , the shop, full mp3 albums and all members (& former members).

Below you can read about the site, what fans should know and what to expect from this site, who I am and why this site. This site is entirely about the life of JON BON JOVI as well as devoted to him.

[ A WARNINGS page is on the site, which I decided to make, so that fans can know and protect themselves regarding Social Networks. I invite those who know it or who will read this page, to warn others so that one day, some people will take care of their own life and not that of someone else! ]

About the Site

jon bon jovi

The site is not an official site, nor linked or associated with Jon Bon Jovi and any official sites. The content of this website is a fan service, so only for your personal use. It is dedicated only to Jon Bon Jovi, but a section of the band is also there.

This means that you can contact me if you wish, knowing that you will have no return, nor any direct contact with  Jon Bon Jovi or other members of the Bon Jovi Group. , by courier service. Your questions or messages will be read and answered.

You may not distribute, trade, modify, sell or transmit any material that you have copied from this site.

The site as well as all the elements composing it and in particular: fixed or animated images, sound compositions, graphic charter, databases, etc. are the property of the authors concerned and are protected under the provisions of the intellectual property code.

All of the texts on the Jon Bon Jovi site are, however, free of rights and distribution for strictly professional use. Any other use or exploitation of the content on third-party media (CDRom, book, magazine, etc.), in particular for commercial purposes, must be subject to the agreement of the Webmaster and the authors concerned.

The official language of the site is Canadian/French.

It is subject to Canadian law in Quebec and to the jurisdiction of French courts. 

Enjoy your Visit!

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