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jon bon jovi

Alert ... Social Networks!

I made the decision to create this page in order, I hope, to be able to help some fans not to be fooled with fake social media accounts.

Cyberbullying is one of the worst negative effects of social media on people. This is a problem that should not be taken lightly, as it can have serious consequences. Indeed, cyberbullying can take several forms such as: the creation of false profiles, identity theft, the dissemination of unfounded rumors or even the sending of insulting messages.

The digitization of society is a boon for scammers, who can target people on social networks and collect their personal data (addresses, bank details) on the darknet among others. Acting from abroad for the most part, scammers are difficult to catch despite the many reports. Whether you've already been the victim of a scam or have fallen through the cracks, here are some ways you can avoid them.

The counterfeiters take the identity ... the name and information of the STARS to extract money from his fans, like Jon Bon Jovi who is the attack of several impostors, especially on FACEBOOK, TIKTOK as well as INSTAGRAM. 

It is a common technique among scammers to appropriate the identity of famous personalities and thus scam their fans. The scammer (or Imposter) will solicit you by message claiming to be the idol you like, knowing it with your subscriptions. The scammer will end up making you believe in an epistolary love story between you and him. He proves his identity several times through photos of IDs, selfies or photos of the places of residence of the famous singer / actor etc ... Under the spell and suspecting nothing, he will ask you to l to help, saying he is in a problematic position, even to end up feeling responsible or guilty if you don't help him. This Imposter or Scammer will either ask for prepaid cards and large values and asking for several at once. Or will ask you to go through your bank account to send him money.

As for Jon Bon Jovi, these scammers will tell you that he created this account to be able to be close to his fans, he is going to thank you for being a FAN and that he wants to appreciate you for your love and support for him and that this account was created to speak with his fans, that the official accounts, it is not him but the administration who takes care of it. 


You have to stop being fooled by these people who pretend to be him and who, you will see, so many open accounts bearing his name claiming to be the real Jon. IT'S NOT HIM, you block as one comes to you. Anyway, despite hoping it's really him, if you ask him to show himself to you, he never will.... his phone will always break, and then ask you to help him and that thanks to you he will be able to fix it and then show himself .... mistake to make, he will continue his game again and again!

Scams to celebrity fans can take many forms, so beware if you receive messages from your idol, it is unfortunately extremely likely that this is a scam attempt. Keep information confidential and do not disclose any information confidential   or personal to anyone.

To make sure you are subscribed to the real official account of your idol, make sure that the page is authenticated, the other pages are created by these anarchists and imposters.

You can contact me if you have any questions or are unsure about a message from the so-called Jon Bon Jovi. I will help you see it more clearly.




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