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FEBRUARY 20, 2024

Dear dedicated Jon Bon Jovi fans,


Currently, the site is experiencing a slight delay in its update for the year 2024. Rest assured that when I return from outside, at the end of April, I will actively work to resolve this situation in order to guarantee you the best possible experience . All updates will be available again for the month of May, because at the moment it is impossible for me to do them


Thank you for your passion and dedication to the Jon Bon Jovi site.


I am fully aware of the significance Jon Bon Jovi holds for you, and I am committed to overcoming this delay to continue providing you with consistently rich and up-to-date content on his extraordinary life, career, and every noteworthy event.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your invaluable understanding and patience. Your ongoing support is particularly precious for the site, and I genuinely thank you for your loyalty.

Best regards,

Webmestre du site web Jon Bon Jovi

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bon jovi 40 ans_edited.png

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