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All are the
Welcome to their Table
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At the JBJ Soul Kitchen, a place is ready for you.if you are hungry or thirsty to make a difference in your community. Because we believe that a healthy meal can heal the soul.

Where there is Love, 
There are many
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As you will see, our menu is priceless. You select what you like and are encouraged to make a suggested donation. If you are unable to donate, we invite you to join our community to learn more about resources and volunteer opportunities.

Happy are the 
Hands that Nourish
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Those who volunteer are guided by Soul Kitchen staff in their tasks. Volunteering at Soul Kitchen can lead to qualification for vocational training.

The Good Company 
Open the Appetite
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At Soul Kitchen, neighbors across the street or across town, new friends, families, those in need and those who have help to offer, come together and share a good meal and the warmth of good company.

Is their Dish of the Day
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Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to or across from the table. Hang out and stay informed of all the ways Soul Kitchen is dedicated to ending hunger, building relationships and celebrating community

Complete the Meal 
By a Slice of Happiness
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At Soul Kitchen, the main ingredient is love, with a big part of you. Our chefs prepare our healthy and delicious meals with the freshest ingredients, some grown in our own organic garden. At the JBJ Soul Kitchen, everyone is treated with cheerfulness, kindness and respect.

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