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Webmaster of the Canadian site dedicated to Jon Bon Jovi, my name is Caroline Lagacé, I'm 46 years old (2023) and I live in Shawinigan, Quebec.

I can't help but say that Jon Bon Jovi is a rare and exceptional man. And its incredible beauty, for my part, much more now than before! The value of this man is not what he possesses, but resides in his personality, wisdom, creativity, courage, where his maturity is due to his experience, with a sensitive and profound lucidity for all that it surrounds it. Honestly, I admire the person he is.


"If each of his albums represents a small piece of his history, then you can say that over the years his music contains his entire love."

I have admired him and listened to his music for 35 years, almost to the very beginning of his singing career. All these years to live through his music and words, as if I were at the same time, close to him by being so far away.

With all my admiration for him, I decided, after all these years, to come out of my silence for a reason, which of course, I will keep personal!

Despite these years of listening to album after album, I never had the chance to attend one of his concerts. I would have liked to, but life is like that, and in life you shouldn't stop at a meeting to really get to know a person, because I'm probably not the only one who manages to read through certain people, to those who can, Jon is a real "open book"! Knowing very well that I will probably never see him! This site will allow you, too, to be close to him.

I decided to create this site for fans to support and show my love for Jon Bon Jovi. That the creation of a site for fans in French, would give the chance to a wider audience as well as for those, English prevents them from knowing more about their idol. My goal is only to support the artist that so many people love and to encourage him through all that he has been able to undertake in his life as well as to help millions of people around the world.

The mission of or (which happens to be the same site) is to provide its fans with a place where they can connect and stay up to date with all the latest news, media and more on . .. Jon Bon Jovi, the rock legend!

On this website, you'll find everything you need to know about Jon, including the latest updates from all of his sites in One!

Enjoy your visit !

Caroline [ Webmaster ]

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